Stay Away from Stains!

by | May 24, 2015 | Good Habits!

Keeping your teeth white is a struggle in today’s world. Your teeth are built like a sponge and certain things are proven to stain teeth. Here are some common culprits to avoid to keep your smile nice and bright:

  • Coffee: One of the most common causes of stains, coffee can be hard to avoid. Just remember to keep it in moderation and visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth looking good.
  • Wine: Especially red wine. Anything that can stain your clothes can stain your teeth. Wine is acidic so even white wine can promote staining. Tannins are found in the skin of grapes and make it easier for stains to sneak in.
  • Tea: Here are those tannins again. Tea is rich in tannins and promotes staining even more than coffee! If you enjoy tea after your meal, you should probably avoid wine and vice versa.
  • Berries: Acidity and strong colors lead to stained teeth. We of course believe that eating plenty of fruits is important to staying healthy, but be mindful and clean your teeth as soon as possible to avoid stains.
  • Sports Drinks: Commonly used by athletes, sports drinks have been found to soften tooth enamel. Enamel protects your teeth and by weakening it you are setting the stage for staining.
  • Cigarettes: Not only are they bad for your health, but over time they will turn your teeth yellow and even black. There are a million reasons not to smoke, keeping your smile beautiful is just one of them.

These are just a few common sources of stains. It is impossible to avoid staining your teeth at all in today’s world, but with proper dental maintenance you can manage.
At Jester and Saldivar we have many methods to keep your smile looking great. Ask us at your next appointment how we can brighten your smile!

Dr. Merle Saldivar

Dr. Saldivar received a B.S. at Penn State University and a D.D.S. at University of Maryland. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Saldivar is certified in the United States Dental Institue (Orthodontic Program) as well as Invisalign certified. She is fluent in Spanish, Tagalog-Filipino, and volunteers her services for Give Kids a Smile, a program that is part of the American Dental Association.
Dr. Merle Saldivar

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