Our New Scanner Will Almost Eliminate the Need to Take Impressions!

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Technology

New machine alert!

That’s right, we have a new machine in the office that will bring those annoying teeth impressions almost to an end.

The new Trios digital scanner technology provides easy impression taking, digital accuracy, and increased satisfaction for you by nearly eliminating impressions and other procedures. Why do we take impressions in the first place? Impressions are used to form instruments and implants that might be needed in the mouth. Not only is the Trios digital scanner fast and easy, it acts as an intraoral camera that shows significant detail and identifies different shades of the teeth to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Here are few more details about why we invested in this new technology:

  • High digital impression accuracy for high quality restoration fit
  • HD photos, instant preparation and impression validation
  • Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating
  • Easy impression taking
  • Powder-free scanning
  • No impression materials and mess
  • Never retake an impression
  • Efficiency & business benefits
  • Faster impression taking, instant shade measurement, and reduced chair time

Next time you’re in the office, ask and we’ll show it off!


Dr. Merle Saldivar

Dr. Saldivar received a B.S. at Penn State University and a D.D.S. at University of Maryland. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Saldivar is certified in the United States Dental Institue (Orthodontic Program) as well as Invisalign certified. She is fluent in Spanish, Tagalog-Filipino, and volunteers her services for Give Kids a Smile, a program that is part of the American Dental Association.
Dr. Merle Saldivar

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