Dental Implants

Missing Tooth? Get your Dental Implants at Jester & Saldivar Dental

Replacing missing or severely compromised teeth with dental implants has become a predictable and fiscally competitive alternative to bridges or removable appliances. Preservation of bone at the replacement site is a critical factor. To this end, care in removal of the diseased tooth and occasional supplementation of bone to the extraction site are important. When possible, we prefer to remove the problem tooth and place the implant at the same visit.

A new start to a beautiful smile.

This eliminates a second surgical procedure and allows for immediate integration of the fixture. After a suitable healing interval the crown is placed with no alteration of the adjacent teeth. Both procedures are accomplished here at our offices. We are pleased to display some of the beautiful and durable results as well as our patients grateful testimonies. The continuing technologic advances make this service possible on a level never before available. While we have enduring results from as long ago as 1994, the entire process is easier and better today.

Jester & Saldivar Before & After Dental Implants

Jester & Saldivar Before & After Dental Implants

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New Tech Is In!

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