Facial Cosmetics

When contemplating the use of dermal fillers such as or Juvederm or Restylane the first consideration for a successful result should always be whether the existing soft tissue drape of the face is well supported by the teeth and supporting bone. This is why in makeovers the dentist always gets first input into the case selection. No amount of dermal fillers can replace a properly positioned and balanced bite. But once that baseline is achieved the augmentation of lips and cheeks can have a profound and beautiful effect. We often create truly stunning dental results that only want for a bit of soft tissue filler to have a complete result.

With time the skin loses water, fat, and collagen. These can be replaced by the dermal fillers with a very natural result. By following some very careful rules of balance and facial proportion a predictable enhancement is achieved. The results have approximately a six month duration. With repeated placement we have seen longer periods of enhancement. Life events such as weddings and birthdays (that will be documented on film!) seem to be stimuli for placing the fillers.

Botox works differently. It is used to relax the muscle tension that creates creasing of the skin. Frown lines, crow’s feet, and other muscle generated smile lines can be diminished and even eradicated by careful placement of Botox. It too has a limited effectiveness, as over time the muscles gradually regain their natural tension.

We offer free consultation for the use of any of these products, as well as a complete smile analysis if requested.

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