Gum Infection & Periodontal Disease

Prevention and active treatment of gum infection should be the number one priority of a general dental practice. This is so important for two reasons. First, gum infection is the most universally prevalent disease in mankind. And second because computer analysis of long – term health histories are constantly defining new correlation’s between systemic diseases and gum infection. These include but are not limited to: heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, dementia and even some cancers. The list continues to grow.

The problem is compounded by the failure of traditional home cleaning methods to control the bacterial biofilm which creates the infection. Research has shown that even ultrasonic brushes, waterpiks, medicated rinses and antibiotics, are ineffective . The organization and proliferation of the seven bacterial forms (and one spirochete )which cause gum infection goes on under the cuff of gum tissue which surrounds every tooth. Over the last four years we have developed a technique which we teach our patients. Used regularly it eliminates the destructive biofilm. We have been seeing a very predictable reduction in both decay and gum infection. New patients routinely ask why they have not been shown this before.

Please read “Preventing Gum Disease” and check for signs to save your smile.

How to Brush Your Teeth

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New Tech Is In!

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