We are very pleased to offer the full range of orthodontic services for children and adults. As a practice we are very proud of the beautiful and healthy smiles and faces we have worked with our patients to create. For over thirty years we have been privileged to treat the orthodontic needs of whole families; in concert with their other general dental needs. Some of these families are now seeing their third generation of orthodontic care.With the children we are often seeing them from a very young age and following not only their dental eruption, but also their skeletal growth and development. Many issues of skeletal balance are a function of habit patterns, tongue positions, and swallow patterns. If diagnosed and addressed early they can have major and positive influence on dental and jaw formation as well as speech patterns. Treating these functional issues can also greatly improve overall results as well as reduce actual time in ‘fixed appliances’ (braces). The timing of treating the different phases, skeletal and dental are very critical to achieving the best possible result
for the individual child.

We do not believe in placing braces on teeth that have incompletely formed roots; it can severely interrupt the normal root formation. So much of our early care is directed toward arch and facial development . We do advocate treating the entire dental arch including the twelve year molars. Since some children are ‘late bloomers ‘ dentally, they may not erupt these teeth until their teen years. So the timing of care varies for each child. Having the braces on too early could mean extra treatment time, waiting for teeth to erupt while wearing braces, or early removal of the braces – before all the adult teeth are in. Social and peer pressures are not a good reason for early braces.

Adult orthodontic treatment is a different but equally rewarding experience. Skeletal and dental growth is completed, but we expect very similar high quality results. Many times we are dealing with other issues such as periodontal health, a very important factor, and TMJ and bite concerns. Work and travel demands on our adult orthodontic patients must also be factored into their treatment plans. We have some very unique methods of dealing with these adult concerns, as well as the more commonly used invisible aligners and removable appliances. We also boast a very experienced orthodontic staff to make the care as pleasant and seamless as possible for the patients and their families. We are often able to combine hygiene and other dental services with their scheduled visits.

The orthodontic follow up does not end with delivery of the retainers. We continue to check on maintenance and stability of the bite at our regular dental hygiene visits at no additional charges. It is part of the service. Long term care is as important as our finished result. The adjacent photos and testimonies of our patients should add value and clarification to both adult and children’s orthodontic treatment here at Jester and Saldivar Associates. A brief consultation with either Dr.Jester or Dr. Saldivar is available at no cost to address any questions you may have on this wide-ranging and very important treatment area. Dr. Jester has taught orthodontic, growth and development, and TMJ courses to practicing dentists in the U.S. and Canada since 1980. Dr. Saldivar has extensive post-graduate training and experience in both orthodontics and children’s dentistry.

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