Pediatric Dental Care

Children are some of our favorite patients at Jester and Saldivar Associates. Because we are a family-oriented dental practice, we often meet our youngest patients even before they have teeth! We encourage parents to bring their children with them to one or two of the parent’s hygiene visits before scheduling the child’s first dental appointment. This gives the child an opportunity to meet us and experience a dental visit without the pressure of sitting in the dental chair. We have found that this technique has helped our young patients to feel more relaxed at their first dental appointments.

Your child’s first official dental appointment should typically be scheduled by the time he or she is thirty months of age. At this age, many children will have a full set of baby teeth. If your child enjoys the first dental visit, then future appointments will be anticipated and not feared. A positive dental experience will influence your child’s attitude toward dental care, and can start him or her on the path to a lifetime of good dental health.

Once our young patients have become comfortable in the dental setting, we are able to focus our efforts on achieving and maintaining oral health. At each of your child’s hygiene appointments, one of our highly-experienced hygienists will thoroughly clean and polish your child’s teeth, administer a tooth-strengthening fluoride treatment and show your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Next, Dr. Jester or Dr. Saldivar will complete a dental exam. This includes checking for tooth decay and skeletal problems which can lead to dental malocclusions.


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