TMJ treatment, or TMD care, the preferred term today; refers to treating a dental-facial imbalance. There are three physiologic systems at play here:

  1. The jaw joint and attendant structures.
  2. The dentition and bite relationship.
  3. The facial and neck musculature.

These three systems if in balance support each other in the complex functions of chewing and speaking . If there is imbalance in any one of these systems, dysfunction may occur and result in dental and jaw joint breakdown and attendant symptoms.

The symptoms may include:

  • facial and neck muscle spasm
  • dizziness
  • earache
  • headache
  • jaw pain
  • clicking jaw joint
  • limited or incomplete opening and closing
  • stiff neck and shoulders

There are many dental symptoms that may occur, such as:

  • dental pain
  • tooth fracture
  • excessive wear
  • difficulty chewing

It is not unusual to have several of these symptoms present at the same time.

Our challenge then becomes to identify the imbalance and fix it, while restoring the patient to pain-free normal function. Several dental disciplines may be utilized here in our office to gain the final diagnoses and balance for our patient. We may also wish to enlist the aid of other medical, chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture services to differentiate and treat the TMD problem. We have had remarkable and life-changing results in treating this complex syndrome.

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