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When you call our office, our experienced staff will answer all the questions and concerns you may have. When you enter, you will be greeted with a smile. Our compassionate staff will obtain all the necessary information including your medical and dental history.

We will then examine your teeth and gums, screen you for oral cancer and any dental malocclusions, make X-rays of your teeth as needed, and complete a TMJ (temporomandibular or jaw joint) exam. After we review your dental profile, we will discuss a diagnosis and treatment plan. We will discuss your options for treatment and fee payment and help you determine the best plan to fit your needs.

Our Drs. and our staff will listen to you and your concerns. We want to ensure you have a welcoming and pleasant visit when you come to see us. Our doctors will explain your dental treatment and recommendations. As a guest, you are in full control and you decide how much treatment you want to schedule and how fast you wish to proceed.

For your convenience the medical history form is available by clicking here > Patient Health History Form for completion in the comfort of your own home where you will have access any medications and dosage information. If you prefer to complete your forms in office, please bring your dental health insurance card with you, along with your photo ID, and a copy of any current medications you are taking. 

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